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I am an accomplished senior executive, consultant, and thought leader with more than 42 years of experience in the engineering and construction industries. Leveraging extensive experience with consistently increasing gross sales and profitability, I am a valuable asset for companies seeking guidance on developing sales training programs as well as instituting and organizing sales teams. My broad areas of expertise include:

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  • Structure
  • Training
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Presentations
  • Surveying
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Service

Professional Experience 

Currently retired, I help clients in all of North America as the owner of my firm—Robert Bailey Sales Consultant. Throughout my executive career, I have held leadership positions with Carlson Software, Nikon Surveying, and Lietz Company (now Sokkia).

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Carlson Software

As the manager of sales operations at Carlson, I helped bring structure to the software development teams and overall company organization. My knowledge of the surveying instrument distribution channels proved invaluable as Carlson moved into a dealership distribution mode.

I worked to be the unifying source of information and the go-to person for questions that needed answering and problems that needed to be solved. I also helped initiate and organize Carlson’s successful user conferences.

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When I was the sales and general manager at Nikon, sales went from $6 million per year to approximately $17 million per year. Part of the sales success was due to the Nikon Purchase Program (NPP) I instituted. This involved Nikon financing sales of total stations directly to the end user, paying a commission to the dealer. In its first year, business increased by 51%, operating under budget while increasing sales.


During my tenure as the national sales manager at Lietz, I instituted training programs for territorial sales managers. I helped familiarize them with the growing product line and sales techniques as well as expanded the training program. All training programs were run consistently over several years increasing employee retention while increasing profits and staying under budget throughout.

As the southeastern regional sales manager, my sales volumes increased by a multitude of five over 5 years. In a subsequent position as the south central sales manager, my sales nearly doubled and I was awarded the Salesman of the Year award 3 years in a row.

Before moving onto the upper management level of Lietz, the company doubled my geographic area and responsibility to more than $15 million in sales. I also had three territorial sales managers reporting to me.

 Initiative - I was responsible for introducing a telemarketing program at Lietz to help support the sales staff that was not able to fully service all of the company’s dealers. I set up the training and managed the programs. Sales increased 37 percent in the target market the first year. Subsequently, more telemarketers were added.


Education Background

Surveying and Engineering Technology – Southern Technical Institute

Associate’s Degree in Business Management – Center for Degree Studies

Mission Statement

My mission is to teach dealers, their staff members, and companies in the surveying, construction, and engineering markets how to optimize their sales and increase profits.

Mission Statement

My mission is to teach dealers, their staff members, and companies in the surveying, construction, and engineering markets how to optimize their sales and increase profits.

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