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Learn Effective Sales Practices From an Experienced Professional


Integrate Effective Sales Practices in Your Organization

Robert Bailey Sales Consultant has helped companies in North America institute and organize sales teams, develop training programs, and manage staff. Welcome me to your team as a consultant and I will bring dedication, loyalty, diplomacy, and unmatched work ethic to any and all assignments. Moreover, I will instill these important qualities in each of your staff members. I am eager to share my sales and management expertise in both land surveying equipment sales as well as sales team/company management. Effective selling in this industry has many components, most of which I have encountered in my career. As a short-term consultant, I can be what your company needs to give your sales staff a leg up or to help organize a new endeavor.

One-Day Classroom Training

Proper time and territorial management are important to maximize the dollars invested in a sales report. Included in my one-day classroom training session are the following:

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  • Role Playing
  • Preparation for Sales Presentations
  • Asking for an Order
  • Closing a Sale
  • Increasing Profits
  • Complete Walkthrough of the workbook, Time & Territorial Management

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One Day of Custom Classroom Training​

Upon request, I can assemble one day of custom training. In the session, attendees and I will intertwine sections of existing programs with special requests. 

Pricing Information

All fees are payable at the end of the training for all services. Payment by credit card is accepted.

Classroom Training


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  • 6.5 Hours of Training
  • One-Hour for Lunch and Phone Calls

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  • Two 15-Minute Breaks
  • Maximum of 10 People

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*Note: Excluded from the price of classroom training are other expenses. These are extra and based on the location, mode of travel, and time spent on site. An estimate will be provided based on interest. Take note that once a quote for expenses has been issued, the time to finalize booking the classroom training is limited.

Individual On-The-Job Evaluations

$200.00 per Hour per Person*

Done One at a Time

*Note: Excluded from the price are extra expenses, which are based on the location, mode of travel, and time spent on site.

Phone Interviews

$100.00 per Hour

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